Altus Biologics

Partnering with physicians, Altus Biologics is an infusion management company based primarily in Texas, to provide comprehensive infusion therapy services in the physician’s office. If a provider recommends treatment managed by Altus and done at the clinic, possible next steps may include:
  • Receiving a “welcome” call from the Patient Experience Coordinator within two weeks.
  • Explaining insurance coverage and benefits and investigating assistance programs if indicated.
  • Scheduling patients once authorization is finalized.
What to Bring Day of Treatment:
  • Form of payment if co-pay applies.
  • Reading material/headphones/tablet.
(Drinks, snacks, Wi-Fi, and TV are provided during infusion)

Contact Information:
For all billing, benefits, reimbursement, and drug program questions, please contact:

Patient Experience Coordinator:
(346) 352-1547

Altus Toll Free Number:
(855) 692-5887 ext. 9608

Schedule appointments:
(888) 301-9901

Infusion Site Nurse extension:
(714) 406-4461 ext. 104


What to do in case of reaction: Non-emergency during business hours, immediately contact your physician: Roger Kornu, MD. Emergency or after business hours, immediately go to your nearest urgent care or call 911.